11th Hour Real-Time Demo

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The 11th Hour Real-Time Demo by COMELEC and UNTV

Kuya Daniel Razon of UNTV and COMELEC Director James Jimenez were the first ones to vote on the 11th Hour Real Time Demo by COMELEC and UNTV.

COMELEC Commissioner James Jimenez took his time to shade the ovals in the ballots completely.

Kuya Daniel after shading his "bets" he was assisted by the BEI on inserting the ballot at the PCOS Machine.

After Kuya Daniel Razon's ballot was rejected, he was told by the BEI that he could still insert the ballot; but it was rejected up to the 4th time.

Kuya Daniel Razon on the Board of Election Inspector's table asking why he couldn't have another ballot for re-voting due to a misprinted ballot. He explained that it is not his fault why his ballot was not accepted by the PCOS Machine; but the BEI insisted that there are no spare ballots for replacements. Therefore, he wasn't able to cast his votes again.

COMELEC Director James Jimenez and Kuya Daniel Razon at the BEI's table.

COMELEC Commissioner Gregorio Larrazabal and Paolo Bediones dropped by the UNTV Station to participate on the 11th Hour Real-Time Demo of COMELEC and UNTV.

COMELEC Commisioner Gregorio Larrazabal and Paolo Bediones shading their bets.

Kuya Daniel Razon and Paolo Bediones having conversations infront of UNTV Station. It can be well remembered that these two celebrities were former KAPUSO. Now, they both have found their niche in the Philippine TV. Paolo, now a KAPATID. Kuya Daniel Razon, popularly known as Mr. Public Service --- the CEO and Chairman of BMPI, which manages the Public Service Channel --- UNTV.

COMELEC Commissioner Gregorio Larrazabal casting vote.

EAGLE Riggs, a former Kapuso, now a KASANGBAHAY --- being the host of EASY LANG YAN also took time to participate at the COMELEC-UNTV Mock Elections

BMPI-UNTV Employees also voted at the Mock Elections.

A Couple also took time to participate at the COMELEC-UNTV Mock Elections.

A Lola was also there to try the taste of the automation election.

Various sect of the society was there to participate at the COMELEC-UNTV Real Time Mock Elections --- the youth, the married, and the elderly.

Kuya Jeck of Bread Tambayan show also voted.

A youth after shading all her bets, proceeds to the PCOS Machine to insert her ballot.


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